Liverpool CRISIS continues + Kroos ATTACKS FIFA and UEFA

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Prije 12 dana

On Today's Daily News - Liverpool and Klopp face defensive crisis as Joe Gomez joins Van Dijk on the injury table, Toni Kroos lays down the truth about FIFA and UEFA, COVID madness, International records broken by Ramos and De Boer PLUS a news round up!
00:00 Intro
00:20 Injury crisis for Liverpool
02:47 Kroos speaks out
05:59 International records
07:54 News round-up
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OneFootball English
OneFootball English Prije 11 dana
Who would be the best signing for Liverpool's defence in January?
Go The Cats!
Go The Cats! Prije 8 dana
Koulibaly and Upamencano
Goran TODOROVIČ Prije 10 dana
probably Skriniar, it's more likely to happen and still it's great deal
olamide balogun
olamide balogun Prije 10 dana
Hashim Anter
Hashim Anter Prije 11 dana
Boswell Allen
Boswell Allen Prije 11 dana
Jamie Clements
Jamie Clements Prije 10 dana
YT_ Xoblsburg
YT_ Xoblsburg Prije 10 dana
Ronaldo scores belgium win Croatia win
ashutosh kulkarni
ashutosh kulkarni Prije 10 dana
Football is more abt money than passion rn
Sukesy Mattar
Sukesy Mattar Prije 10 dana
Ian Leboo
Ian Leboo Prije 10 dana
Klopp will play a back three he's flexible
Tarush Jain
Tarush Jain Prije 10 dana
Someone has done Black Magic on Liverpool 😭😭
Dren Zen
Dren Zen Prije 10 dana
Who's the next Liverpool player to be assassinated? Salah, Mane or Robbo?
Dren Zen
Dren Zen Prije 10 dana
At this point this isn't injuries. This is Liverpool players on a strike. They're crashing out. Utterly ridiculous....
wandile.dlaminii Prije 10 dana
8:17 Super sub of Fifa 13 career mode😅
Miles Gugel
Miles Gugel Prije 11 dana
But for real they need Alaba or they have no chance of defending the title.
Miles Gugel
Miles Gugel Prije 11 dana
Liverpool need Loveren
Keith Prije 11 dana
FIFA is brutally blood sucking organization. horrendous
Jacob G.
Jacob G. Prije 11 dana
Trouser Prije 11 dana
Can't wait for the 100th Daily news, only series I've kept up with every day
ikenna harold
ikenna harold Prije 11 dana
Utterly ridiculous!!!
Said Kulane
Said Kulane Prije 11 dana
Croatia vs Turkey was a rip off for all we know.playing a whole game surrounding a guy who tested positive for covid
Wamulwange Kabwe
Wamulwange Kabwe Prije 11 dana
That opening statement 😂
Rida Ramlawi
Rida Ramlawi Prije 11 dana
Has anyone noticed tomorrow is the #100 daily news😁. I really support this channel, so underrated❤️.
Akunwanne Prosper
Akunwanne Prosper Prije 11 dana
Qatar 2020?
Yahsan 1911
Yahsan 1911 Prije 11 dana
what the- swedish FA has certainly lost it
carlos Nicolas
carlos Nicolas Prije 11 dana
Hi Matt can u tell me the name of the intro song , I like the beat
Rohit Roy
Rohit Roy Prije 11 dana
Tsimikas is available for Liverpool. Atleast TAA injury is covered
Parth Vaswani
Parth Vaswani Prije 11 dana
Gomez has successfully undergone surgery and will be back for the next Liverpool game. Seems like Liverpool asked him to feign injury so that he doesn't actually get injured lol
Kumkum Bose
Kumkum Bose Prije 11 dana
Future of football does not look great, so many games are making players traveling more
arielAYO Prije 11 dana
Episode 100 tmr🤩
Beach Texas
Beach Texas Prije 11 dana
i’ve been saying it for a while. klopp was right. gomez and van dijk are out for the season fabinho and alexander-arnold are injured and matip is super injury prone
NBT #97
NBT #97 Prije 11 dana
kroos doesnt care what others responf to him a good quality...but i didn't like him bullying auba and grizzy cmon man u gotta celberate if its a goal...
KHYMIST LABS Prije 11 dana
Your not crazy I’m every country name u called I’m just saying glad no spurs players play for thoses country’s
Zain Safarini
Zain Safarini Prije 11 dana
for once-the episode is not about barcelona
James 2006
James 2006 Prije 11 dana
Frank de bore record for Netherlands is the same as palace and inter 😂shambles I thought he was actually a good manager
Ahas Iikuyu
Ahas Iikuyu Prije 11 dana
protest for 5 substitutes in epl
Brain Brown
Brain Brown Prije 11 dana
Your not a idiot its just call money and control
Berosar Prije 11 dana
de boer did good at ajax, they won the league and stuff but the football was boring to watch so they still sacked him after a long time. than he just want to shite everywhere he went
Weldon Sirloin
Weldon Sirloin Prije 11 dana
Kronos is a great guy.
RipJaw Prije 11 dana
Im ur host matt frochlic U r the onefootball viewers And this is the daily news This intro will never get old
sam Prije 11 dana
1 episode left to go
HAMZA Prije 11 dana
Legend has it if you’re late Matt won’t give you a heart
miguel nocon
miguel nocon Prije 11 dana
Ah someones in ma jabooty
Labib Hasan
Labib Hasan Prije 11 dana
The Vida story is crazy they should've let him go home
GIAMINTIME Prije 11 dana
Why do I still think that Matt is from germany
Subash Shrestha
Subash Shrestha Prije 11 dana
Null and void The season
PerfectDark Prije 11 dana
It's actually quite simple: if you don't want these competitions, don't support them! Money or the lack of is the only way these companies will get it.
Y T Prije 11 dana
I appreciate Kroos a lot more rn
Jamie Clements
Jamie Clements Prije 11 dana
We need Upamecano or Alaba thankfully we have Fabinho coming back and Nat Phillips wasn’t bad against West Ham ffs he won man of the match that game but rip Gomez out 😥
- KaRal -
- KaRal - Prije 11 dana
i think Bayern will keep Alaba until the end of his contract
Abir Prije 11 dana
I totally agree with kroos , what's the point of playing pointless competition ??!! on club level we need leagues , then the champions league and club world cup . On National level we need the intercontinental competition like euro , copa america , AFC asian cup , etc and and World Cup ... that's it . Rest is just money grabbing move
Ruud Gullit
Ruud Gullit Prije 11 dana
Now Liverpool will know what Man City felt last season without good defenders
Juan Alvarex
Juan Alvarex Prije 11 dana
I remember when they got him in Atlanta I got so mad cuz he was such a bad coach and when he went to the Netherlands team I was the happiest guy 💀💀
Apurbo Baidya
Apurbo Baidya Prije 11 dana
Gomez is most likely to miss the whole season😭. He had a surgery this morning and started rehabilitation
Gidon Romberg
Gidon Romberg Prije 11 dana
Can't believe it's already 100 days since the new style 😍
Saket Bihari
Saket Bihari Prije 11 dana
No legend has it that late bird don't get ❤️ from Matt😉.
Mark N
Mark N Prije 11 dana
As a City fan I should be happy about this, but for some weird reason I don't
Bindhu Rajesh
Bindhu Rajesh Prije 11 dana
"Am i crazy " me be like😆😆😆
BRUNO EVANDE Prije 11 dana
What champions league victory the disrespect for matip is unreal
Daniel Taeed
Daniel Taeed Prije 11 dana
Haha in ja booty
Alex Henery
Alex Henery Prije 11 dana
0:39 I can finally enjoy life thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Tiago Filipe Vaz TFV
Tiago Filipe Vaz TFV Prije 11 dana
Hearing this news is enough to injure Matip 😂
Tiago Filipe Vaz TFV
Tiago Filipe Vaz TFV Prije 11 dana
Some people are saying that Milner could play as a defender, but... _“If Milner is on the pitch, who is gonna stay on the bench, with Adrian?”_ - Jürgen Klopp
GameBase Prije 11 dana
Muhammad Abdulkadir
Muhammad Abdulkadir Prije 11 dana
One of the most bizarre daily news
Paul Greaves80
Paul Greaves80 Prije 11 dana
Liverpool are Gona end up with no players madness
Renaldo Doeman 20
Renaldo Doeman 20 Prije 11 dana
What a intro!😧
pradeep muthusami
pradeep muthusami Prije 11 dana
Best daily news intro ever 😂😂
Abhideep Jain
Abhideep Jain Prije 11 dana
Rip my hope of seeing the team win league
Abhideep Jain
Abhideep Jain Prije 11 dana
@Gayleigh Halimos ya i know we can play Henderson at cb with fabinho/matip/gomes will be unbelievable but lets see what jurgen has got for us👌
Gayleigh Halimos
Gayleigh Halimos Prije 11 dana
Abhideep Jain... DON'T write us off just yet, mate!!! We are NOT that weak, we r not citeh(Laporte wise) Nat, Rhysie, Fabs, Billy the kid Koumetio,, Neco, Free Dutch agent Darryl Janmaat(Watford) praised from Gini himself could get us thru Jan... Then it's a new face... Chin up, lad!!
xavier pinarreta
xavier pinarreta Prije 11 dana
what happened to power rankings?
ÅZàzÊL WaY Prije 11 dana
Barca shoul buy Alaba to strong their both left back and center back areas , I mean one player and boom we got the best defense, Barca also thinking of selling firpo to milan and wants to promote their b team left back . Which is just 19 year old . 😘
Declan Meiring
Declan Meiring Prije 11 dana
The vida situation is a mess they should give the covid 19 test days before the game
Abdul Ze
Abdul Ze Prije 11 dana
Matt 'absolutely/utterly ridiculous' Frohlich
Farhan fidzz
Farhan fidzz Prije 11 dana
Just one word following gomez injury... *We’re F4cked*
Han Solo
Han Solo Prije 11 dana
Tomorrow is the 100th episode
Egan Ezra Vorster
Egan Ezra Vorster Prije 11 dana
Matt, I know COVID is serious... but is it though? The inconsistency in regulations just shows you that this thing is not as deadly as the MSM makes it out to be.
Stannis Prije 11 dana
Im not a fan of Ramos but nearly 180 games for Spain is truly impressive
Sandro D
Sandro D Prije 11 dana
Bayern said they keep Alaba for the rest of the season
Omarie Nelson
Omarie Nelson Prije 11 dana
Matt is kind of wamm u know
rick pennant
rick pennant Prije 11 dana
What's is the name of the Toni podcast
John Doyle
John Doyle Prije 11 dana
I don’t think liverpool to go out from the Premier league for a new cb, Southampton defender Jannik Vestergard would do an amazing job. Plus Liverpool love buying players from that team.
ARFAN HAFIZ Prije 11 dana
me me
me me Prije 11 dana
Liverpool made a mistake realising Lovren
Ravi Ghadwal
Ravi Ghadwal Prije 11 dana
Liverpool should sign Ramos as he is out of contract next season
Shaheem Jackson
Shaheem Jackson Prije 11 dana
Some of these teams are making me think that catching Covid leads to brain disfunctioning lol
JDL GAMING Prije 11 dana
To get a heart from matt Is as difficult as seeing Messi and Ronaldo in the same team
Josue Avelar
Josue Avelar Prije 11 dana
Covid results come positive come back in a match. That happened in the baseball finals this year I believe. The player was taken out but then came back no mask to celebrate the win with the team🤦‍♂️
Nibodh Minikumar
Nibodh Minikumar Prije 11 dana
Real Madrid: *loses Carvajal, Nacho, Odriozola, Valverde, Ødegaard to injury and Casemiro, Hazard, Militao to coronavirus and has an endangered season* Media: Liverpool: loses Vvd, taa and Gomez. Media:*OMG CRISIS!*
Overlimit3 Prije 11 dana
Never thought I’d say this but we need lovren back
Yousuf Zahran
Yousuf Zahran Prije 11 dana
There is only 1 more vid until onefootball get to 100 vids
Dikha Thato CHIMBWETE Prije 11 dana
I think we can all agree that was not the daily news that was Matt’s football rant
Matthew Sum
Matthew Sum Prije 11 dana
Matthew Sum
Matthew Sum Prije 11 dana
I dont know how to spell :)
Adam Simpson
Adam Simpson Prije 11 dana
I love that the section is simply called "MATT RANTS!"
Giannis Galanos
Giannis Galanos Prije 11 dana
"WHAT IS GOING ON!? HOW IS THIS HAPPENING!?". Not the intro we're used to
The_ Tenderiser
The_ Tenderiser Prije 11 dana
Its the 'utterly ridiculous ' for me😂😂
Ke'o 17
Ke'o 17 Prije 11 dana
djibouti 🇩🇯🇸🇴❤️
FrannYNWA LIVERPOOL FC Prije 11 dana
GOMEZ has just gone under the knife which was successful..That player with COVID??? WTF that's just frikken crazy... SMH
Dywan Fanboy
Dywan Fanboy Prije 11 dana
Man u for pl 😂😂
ArgonHouse Films
ArgonHouse Films Prije 11 dana
burnley can keep that defender...
Mr. Sarcastic
Mr. Sarcastic Prije 11 dana
Is this really how the universe gives back Liverpool after winning the Title, with injuring their entire defending lineup
Tangeni Iiputa
Tangeni Iiputa Prije 11 dana
Crazy news
AAnonymus Dude
AAnonymus Dude Prije 11 dana
Day by Day Football is proving that their sport can be crazy
Fast and Curious • 9 years ago
Fast and Curious • 9 years ago Prije 11 dana
8:23 huh ? Again ?
Shine banana
Shine banana Prije 11 dana
Isent de boar just an interm?
Dupe Tajudeen
Dupe Tajudeen Prije 11 dana
Imagine getting a heart from one football.
Mike Justin
Mike Justin Prije 10 dana
@Fadel Yassine ...and still get hearts lol
Fadel Yassine
Fadel Yassine Prije 11 dana
I hate these comments because they are unoriginal and dont make any sense
Mousa DRAMMEH Prije 11 dana
Tomorrow is a special day it is the 100th episode
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