Real Madrid 2015-2018 - THE GREATEST TEAM OF ALL TIME?

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Prije 20 dana

How did one of the most glorious and decorated clubs sides in footballing history, lead by arguably the greatest player of all time, managed by a former legend turned world class coach conquer the most prestigious club competition in world football? - Era defining doesn’t even cover it. Matt presents GOATS, the Greatest of all teams, with Real Madrid 2015-2018: The Champions League Three-peat!
00:00 Intro
00:33 Season 2015/16: Zidane takes over
02:20 Season 2016/17: Domination!
04:33 Season 2017/18: The final conquest
07:29 The future for Real Madrid

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OneFootball English
OneFootball English Prije 19 dana
Which team would you like to see next? And why?
josh Doyle
josh Doyle Prije 4 dana
@KingCurtmo I good
Alex Kelly
Alex Kelly Prije 12 dana
Ac Milan’s unbeaten run
Mr. Hannibal
Mr. Hannibal Prije 12 dana
man city 2017-2019 in the EPL
Shaurya Kapoor
Shaurya Kapoor Prije 12 dana
Whatever u do i beg that when u do the peps barca side please let matt do it and not that girl. Done get me wrong. Shes amazing but that barca side is arguably untouchable and deserves matt as the narrator
Kmc Boss
Kmc Boss Prije 14 dana
Barca 2014-2015
Bravo Six
Bravo Six Prije sat
I wouldn't call it the Best maybe The 2nd best next to 2015 Barcelona. Still very good teams
Arnav Saxena
Arnav Saxena Prije 3 dana
As a barcelona fan i respect Real Madrid
Ali Hussain
Ali Hussain Prije 5 dana
Please don't like
Karan Gupta
Karan Gupta Prije 6 dana
City 2017-2019
A. K. London
A. K. London Prije 6 dana
The most corrupt club of all time.. the way refs benefit them is sick
Vishaal Jayant
Vishaal Jayant Prije 10 dana
Real Madrid:We are the BEEESSSSTT!!!!! Barça:Excuse me?We beat you 2-6 5-0 5-1 and even 3-2 Real Madrid:How ‘bout 3-1 Barça:Well we won 10-1 Real Madrid ☹️☹️☹️
Paiwand K
Paiwand K Prije 9 dana
Real Madrid: We fone 11-1
angeles medina
angeles medina Prije 11 dana
Aryan Nautiyal
Aryan Nautiyal Prije 12 dana
Matt, you are so good at what you do!! Brilliantly made video👏👏
Marvel Future Fight
Marvel Future Fight Prije 13 dana
Definitely not the greatest team but surely the greatest ucl team...clutch in knockout stages and finals
Riley Prije 14 dana
I’m Gonna Be Honest If Ramos Didn’t Injure Salah We Would Of Battered them
Parthesh Punjabi
Parthesh Punjabi Prije 14 dana
Ⲓⲉϣⲩⲁ Ⲏϣⲉⲣ ܝܫܘܥ ܡܫܝܚܐ ܝܚܝܐܠ
Ⲓⲉϣⲩⲁ Ⲏϣⲉⲣ ܝܫܘܥ ܡܫܝܚܐ ܝܚܝܐܠ Prije 14 dana
If only Griezmann scored that penalty 💔
Bzyczekk Prije 14 dana
NiDAL Prije 14 dana
Barcelona (2009) [UCL semifinal version] VS Real Madrid (2017) [UCL Semifinal version] Who would win ???
Domenic Crescitelli
Domenic Crescitelli Prije 14 dana
Respectfully disagree on this one. IMO the late 80s AC Milan team was so much better and the competition was a lot harder back then...not saying the late 80s Milan team was the best of all time but it’s one of- if the the best and this Madrid team should be under them
5iveatc Prije 14 dana
I dont really understand some guys just shi**ing around, talking about Bayern under this video. Bayern was never that great and will not be either. Of course they have good form at the moment but the most reason, they are winning at moment is the other real big clubs are shi**ing right now. So grow up.
Jack Jones
Jack Jones Prije 14 dana
I mean, you didn’t even mention the cheating. Hmmm Ramos hmmmhmm
scot mac
scot mac Prije 14 dana
Zidanes goal against Bayer Leverkusin (soz for the spelling) at Hampden Park in the final of the UCL is my opinion of the best goal. ⚽🥇🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Trevis Riordan
Trevis Riordan Prije 16 dana
that youtube family
Kurt Chester
Kurt Chester Prije 17 dana
I would say the Barca from 2009 to 2011 that won 2 UCL in 3 years was a better team than the 3 consecutive UCL winning Real Madrid team. Madrid was very lucky in the UCL.
Siddarth Prije 17 dana
next episode:Barcelona: pep era and msn era pls
Tigran Ter-Matevosyan
Tigran Ter-Matevosyan Prije 17 dana
The Best Team in history💫🐐🐐🐐
MOHANAVELU S Prije 17 dana
We need Alex Ferguson period of man utd
Great analysis mate
mo. aon
mo. aon Prije 18 dana
2009-2015 barca
Navaneeth Sasikumar
Navaneeth Sasikumar Prije 18 dana
Not once Luka Modric's name was said in this video or as a important part of the team.In that real Madrid team Ronaldo,ramos ,Marcelo,casemiro,Kroos,bale&benzema were the vital players in that team and still this overrated modric who scored and assisted less than 9 goals won the balloon d'Or on the last best season of real Madrid when it should have been varane's(because of the world cup win)and Ronaldo's (best player that season scoring a hat trick in the world cup against Spain also).By just winning that award he(modric) became the most overrated player in the history of football from most the underrated player.To be frank if you think about it modric would never be included in dream team of real Madrid.midfielders from the past are so great.the likes of zidane,di Stefano,pirri,guti,Luis figo,Beckham,Kroos(who is still playing) and 10 or more midfielders I didn't mentioned would overtake by a landslide.Modric is just a overrated Luis figo.He even was one of the reason the entire real Madrid squad except Marcelo distanced themselves from Ronaldo. Ronaldo was right that 2018 should have been his(or varane's as I said before).He is now a big part of the history of football for being the player who destroyed Messi and Ronaldo continuity in winning the ballon d'Or(something he should not have no right in holding. It would have better if lewandowski break that. He should have been the player for that.And by the way nice video .Great work Matt you are the 🐐 of one football.Love your videos
D1nesh._22 Prije 18 dana
Surely there will be a Goat episode on AC Milan eventually
Inferior Man
Inferior Man Prije 18 dana
Hala Getrid
Mr Boyden
Mr Boyden Prije 18 dana
#forzajuve JUVENTUS FC Kings Of Italy 9 Years straight playing in Seria B in 2006/7 then a few years after dominate Seria A for 9 Years straight
Snakebite Prije 18 dana
They were great, but very lucky in every single round of the 2017/18 UCL season
Joel Jomy
Joel Jomy Prije 18 dana
Do the next one on rivals Barcelona maybe ,THE MSN
Murtaza Umair
Murtaza Umair Prije 18 dana
Id like to see the 2008-2012 team of spain next plz
aditya narula
aditya narula Prije 19 dana
Barcelona 2008 to 2014 were the goats too
Johnny vidal
Johnny vidal Prije 19 dana
Peps barcelona are better not only what happened with club competitions but also went on to win euro World Cup then euro again, it was all down to Ronaldo now since he left they haven't progressed past last 16.
SAI CHARAN Prije 19 dana
Is Matt a Ronaldo fan because even when he was selecting the best XI of the decade Ronaldo:'HEI HAS BEEN UNBELIEVABLE" MESSI:'I DON'T NEED TO TELL YOU ABOUT HIM' LIKE WHAT?
Robin Parajuli
Robin Parajuli Prije 18 dana
You just don't understand English.. That's all
Akshaj Phadnis
Akshaj Phadnis Prije 19 dana
make a video on Barca 2009
Shweta.s 9A
Shweta.s 9A Prije 19 dana
what about the marcelo handball which was not given in the semi final aginst bayern munich
Priyanshu Das
Priyanshu Das Prije 19 dana
Yes Real Madrid were very good but you can't deny that they and Ronaldo were lucky to get those offside goals in 2016-17 season against Bayern.
I’m just a guy Sama
I’m just a guy Sama Prije 18 dana
Every team have their own luck
whynotbhavya Prije 18 dana
Decision and luck favours the brave. It's part of the game.
Torpedo_R8 Prije 19 dana
Causally passes over Ronaldo’s bicycle kick
tittymeister Prije 10 dana
@Torpedo_R8 Bale's was even more iconic as it was in the fucking final lmao, how are these fanboys so thick headed
muhamed ali
muhamed ali Prije 17 dana
@Torpedo_R8 if he did that in the final I would have agree with you but NO
Torpedo_R8 Prije 17 dana
I get it was in the final but I’m sorry Ronaldos was ICONIC
muhamed ali
muhamed ali Prije 17 dana
Bales was better and it was in the final
Haraldr Haldefjürd
Haraldr Haldefjürd Prije 19 dana
Manifested Logic
Manifested Logic Prije 19 dana
16/17 was the best Madrid team ever. Every player was world class! You started to see Casemiro become one of the best.
sporsho Prije 19 dana
@Infernocus Man..... the away match against Bayern in 2013/14 Champions League season was one of the best performances of that season. Totally outclassed Pep's Bayern on that day.
Infernocus Prije 19 dana
I think 13-14 cuz everyone was still in their 20s!
Simon Pierre
Simon Pierre Prije 19 dana
3 champions League in row hala Madrid
Adrian Felske
Adrian Felske Prije 19 dana
da hat Nico wohl ein Erfolgsformat etabliert
JNS 2925
JNS 2925 Prije 8 dana
Ich auch solange es nicht schon die gleichen Teams sind
Tedd MK
Tedd MK Prije 19 dana
Love the video especially because it's pure facts, Real Madrid is the G.O.A.T among all the clubs!!
Manifested Logic
Manifested Logic Prije 19 dana
Seeing how competitive the Champions league is... you really start to understand how powerful this team was!
N30 _
N30 _ Prije 19 dana
FC Brokelona fans have left the chat!😂😂😂
Sugma Dick's
Sugma Dick's Prije 17 dana
Nah, i'm still here. Madrid was such a great team at that time. A "fan" that leaves the community of the club just because his club is broke, isn't a fan. I'm at Barca in good or bad times.
_zNeXus Prije 19 dana
Great video! But i think the music is to loud/to hectic
armar Prije 19 dana
Qadri Bashi
Qadri Bashi Prije 19 dana
Hi matt So you have taken real Madrid. We can imagine who who is next Obviously Barcelona the begest team ever played football They had crucial years since 2006 They had such amazing player like xavi ,ineiste poyol busqueats pique And greatest player ever lio messi
AD744 Prije 19 dana
An unbelievable achievement and it will be very hard to see any team win three consecutive champions league in a row.
Chenran Ranchen
Chenran Ranchen Prije 19 dana
Yo pls need someone to talk to abt football pls reply to my comment
volkan baglar
volkan baglar Prije 19 dana
the 2016 2018 team was stong but barca was by far better. its more importan to win many titles as possible in one season. And i dont see one of REALS team as the best ever becaus they ONLY were good in biggames but its also important to win the league or cup.
R. Daneel
R. Daneel Prije 19 dana
You forgot the Ramos-Salah-BS talking about the 2018 final
Azlan Khan
Azlan Khan Prije 19 dana
I thought that was a front 3 🤣🤣😂😂
Selim Halilić
Selim Halilić Prije 19 dana
This Real Madrid Team is the greatest team of all time and this CR7 is the best player of all time. we all know that
Ayushh Garg
Ayushh Garg Prije 19 dana
Ac milan
cactus 99
cactus 99 Prije 19 dana
דקל אפשטיין
דקל אפשטיין Prije 19 dana
Yesssss, Hala Madrid🇪🇸👑
Zeno Guy
Zeno Guy Prije 19 dana
When you score an offside Hattrick against Bayern 👌
Irtaza studio
Irtaza studio Prije 18 dana
@One Indian boy only one was offside
One Indian boy
One Indian boy Prije 19 dana
If you think all the goals are offside, you have to read football rules again
Jeronimo 921
Jeronimo 921 Prije 19 dana
He forgot to add in all the cheating and refs that carried Madrid.
yky 565
yky 565 Prije 19 dana
Edguin Manuel
Edguin Manuel Prije 19 dana
Ntokozo Mahlangu
Ntokozo Mahlangu Prije 19 dana
Hala Madrid!!🔥🔥🐐
Real Madrid
Real Madrid Prije 19 dana
2014-2018 was Prime Real Madrid
Luis Gomez
Luis Gomez Prije 10 dana
@muhamed ali guess you don't watch football
muhamed ali
muhamed ali Prije 18 dana
Nuclear Atoms
Nuclear Atoms Prije 19 dana
Only we can do things like that! HALA Madrid!
Kushagra Bharti
Kushagra Bharti Prije 19 dana
The goat in the thumbnail and the banner looks sick 🔥 🔥!!!
Asif Shahriar
Asif Shahriar Prije 19 dana
And then your shining knight editors of onefootball put this team as 18th best team OAR in an arricle during the lockdown, behind the likes of Man City and Bayern (12-16). Why is this bias against Real?
Jungwoo Kim
Jungwoo Kim Prije 19 dana
Hot Take: this side isn't as great as people say it is because Bayern should have won the UCL the second time Real won (two offside Ronaldo goals)
Inferior Man
Inferior Man Prije 18 dana
Chelsea vs Barcelona 2010 PSG vs Barcelona 2015. What abt this
Jayant Choudhary
Jayant Choudhary Prije 19 dana
Great energy mate
MartianTane Prije 19 dana
And gradually people are waking up to this Decades greatest footballing achievement. Real Madrid 👏👊🔥
Nevalth Prije 11 dana
All 3 UCLs were offside
Julio Campos
Julio Campos Prije 14 dana
What happens Madrid fans this isn’t 2017
muhamed ali
muhamed ali Prije 17 dana
@Intel Sucks I gave up after a while
MartianTane Prije 17 dana
@Intel Sucks I knoooooooooow ryt. 🤷‍♂️
Intel Sucks
Intel Sucks Prije 17 dana
This comment section is filled with salty barca fan. I mean how retarded these barca fan are the comment is totally irrelevant to them yet they are crying
Matias Barrientos A.
Matias Barrientos A. Prije 19 dana
8-2, #miasanmia 😂😂
Bijen Atom
Bijen Atom Prije 19 dana
As a Bayern fan, what haunts me are those offside goals and those referee decisions.
Balthazar Werner
Balthazar Werner Prije 19 dana
In 2017 real wouldn’t have beaten Bayern if the ref wasn’t so shit or if VAR existed today, let that be known.
Etienne Tshilumba
Etienne Tshilumba Prije 14 dana
@NiDAL Ronaldo wasn’t offside tho... he was behind the ball
NiDAL Prije 14 dana
Yeah ref was so shit that he awarded offside goals for both clubs.
Josep Maria Bartomeu
Josep Maria Bartomeu Prije 14 dana
Cry louder please 😭
Matthhew Howe
Matthhew Howe Prije 19 dana
Man United
MJenius MJ
MJenius MJ Prije 19 dana
Utd 1999 or Utd 2007 next,preferably 1999 because the players are more known for the 2007 squad
J M Prije 19 dana
Imagine a UCL season in which each team would have their peak team from the last decade: Real 16/17, Barca 14/15, Man City 17/18, Liverpool 19/20, PSG early 19/20, Bayern 19/20, Dortmund 12/13, Juve 16/17, Monaco 16/17, Ajax 18/19... This would be insane.
arnik akash
arnik akash Prije 11 dana
Man utd when the manger about to get sacked
arnik akash
arnik akash Prije 11 dana
@J M I thought they did? With mourino ?
J M Prije 12 dana
@Aryan Nautiyal not last decade
sihle panduva
sihle panduva Prije 12 dana
Chelsea 08/09
Aryan Nautiyal
Aryan Nautiyal Prije 12 dana
@J M what about utd 07/08
Ezekiel Nduli
Ezekiel Nduli Prije 19 dana
06:53 I think it was three moments. Ramos injuring Salah was a highlight.
J Simm
J Simm Prije 19 dana
Not even close .. the fact that they were helped by referees takes it away
yky 565
yky 565 Prije 18 dana
@J Simm yes. But if vidal got sent away at 30th minute casemiro wont have to do 80 min tackle . The game would have been over pretty much over
J Simm
J Simm Prije 18 dana
@yky 565 you aren’t getting the point.. if casimero was sent off in the 50th min that is a game changer right there.. vidal made a clean tackle and was given a yellow.. those two decisions chamged the game after Bayern were on top .. the game was taken away by the ref not by Real Madrid.. I don’t have anything against Real Madrid they did no wrong
yky 565
yky 565 Prije 18 dana
@J Simm really ?? I agree with casemiro but vidal was playing rugby on the pitch making tackles like that. Ronaldo 3rd goal was offside and even if it was called off it wouldnt have mattered
J Simm
J Simm Prije 18 dana
@yky 565 casimero was to be sent off vidal was not two goals were offside.. those were match changing decisions
yky 565
yky 565 Prije 19 dana
@J Simm no it wasnt. You got 2 penalties. Cr7 was kept onside by hummels of his 2 goals. Only third was offside . I agree it was harsh but ref made poor decisions from both sidea
Mohamed Chabane
Mohamed Chabane Prije 19 dana
I'm wondering why Matt didn't bring up the 4-2 scandal against bayern. The referee screwed up that game.
Jaitin Ramsamy
Jaitin Ramsamy Prije 19 dana
Idk if anybody saw this but the Catalan newspapers photoshopped Benentia next to lucas Vasquez in the match against Juve
Lionel Messigician
Lionel Messigician Prije 19 dana
You're biased you shouldn't just say one team or player is the greatest, not because they are true or they aren't. It's because every football fan is watching this not just one from a single fanbase. It's my opinion idc if you ignore it.
Lionel Messigician
Lionel Messigician Prije 15 dana
@OneFootball English no no that's not what I meant.(my English is bad) I just wanted you to be equal to every team, like this is the best and this is one of the best teams are different. I didn't mean u should do videos of every club. I just want to be equal to every fans.(not saying you're bad to any fans) I didn't mean to offend you or anything, sorry if I did.
OneFootball English
OneFootball English Prije 15 dana
So basically every show we do has to be about every team? How would that work?
Ivailo Bumbovski
Ivailo Bumbovski Prije 19 dana
they would need at least 5 years to win the champions league again
Fiah Daniel
Fiah Daniel Prije 19 dana
Barca 2011 or 2009?
John Huj
John Huj Prije 19 dana
“Cristiano Ronaldo’s hat trick against Bayern” Yes I do remember those offside goals
John Huj
John Huj Prije 17 dana
@Raphael Zakhem Bayern should have passed, that’s all
Raphael Zakhem
Raphael Zakhem Prije 17 dana
@John Huj ok get ur facts right. Real were winning but there was a ramos goal by mistake which sent them to extra time, so u can say bayern didnt deserve this extra time. Then ronaldo scored an offside goal, then marcelo dribbled 3 players and there was a 2v1 on the goalkeeper, so plz dont say it is offside, and even if it is the referee couldnt see the 1 cm difference. Then, asensio scored a THIRD goal...
John Huj
John Huj Prije 18 dana
John Smith You’re the definition of annoying hater Just explain this to me: why doesn’t anyone believe me when I say I love Bayern and Barca? Anyway, if I was plastic, I would not be supporting Barcelona; they are in bad form and on the verge of bankruptcy. And I would support some trophy-winning stupid team like Liverpool. Or Real Madrid. But no. I love Barca and Bayern
John Smith
John Smith Prije 18 dana
John Huj your the definition of a plastic fan
John Huj
John Huj Prije 18 dana
@John Smith What do you mean “how”??? Is it illegal to love 2 clubs and watch them both play?
Vijayaalayan Vinod
Vijayaalayan Vinod Prije 19 dana
However good this team was,they only played well in one competion,this was probably the most clutch team but overall I would prefer even Mourinho's madrid which reached 100 points in la liga over this,even valverde's barcelona could beat this team easily,pep's barcelona would have destroyed them
Real Madrid
Real Madrid Prije 19 dana
This team was tailor made for UCL
John Huj
John Huj Prije 19 dana
Next GOAT episode: Bayern 2019/20- THE GREATEST TEAM OF ALL TIME
Infernocus Prije 19 dana
@John Huj 2013 bayern faced much better competition. when a lot of world class players were still in their prime for example, ronaldo, bale, messi, xavi, iniesta, zlatan, ozil, etc.
Kelim Kinney
Kelim Kinney Prije 19 dana
@Danky-Boy 13 barca had injuries though with the likes of Messi and a few others so they weren't really at their best
John Huj
John Huj Prije 19 dana
@Asterisk 😡
Asterisk Prije 19 dana
@John Huj I SEE GOOD
John Huj
John Huj Prije 19 dana
@Asterisk You’re the only delusional “fan” here
Miguel Jaques
Miguel Jaques Prije 19 dana
Matt deserves a lot of credit for the hard work he puts into this work. The dude managed to summarise the greatest and most intimidating football teams of all time, describing the records they broke, their unbeaten runs, winning streaks etc along with mentioning the importance of arguably the greatest player of all time in ronaldo. And he only took 8 minutes to do that. Good job mate, loving the content.
thug village
thug village Prije 18 dana
No one can match matt
OneFootball English
OneFootball English Prije 18 dana
Thanks Miguel, really appreciate the kind words!
Dragonball AG
Dragonball AG Prije 19 dana
Nice vid but simply on the basis they didn’t win the league in each season means they cant be considered the greatest team of all time. Great but not greatest
Real Madrid
Real Madrid Prije 19 dana
@Dragonball AG dude 4 ucl in 5 season is freaking RARE in the Ucl we play all the best teams in the world idc what your opinion is but winning 4 Ucl in 5 seasons makes you the greatest team in the world fact is UCL is way better then any domestic title's
Dragonball AG
Dragonball AG Prije 19 dana
@Real Madrid Zidane referred to it during his 3 CL campaigns not just because RM won the league last season. Ps I never said this team wasn’t a great side but to be considered the greatest imo you have to be all conquering in all competitions. In knockouts any team can get lucky were Chelsea the best team in Europe when they won the UCL, probably not and I think that’s my point Real weren’t the best team in Europe when they won their 11 and 13th UCL titles
Real Madrid
Real Madrid Prije 19 dana
@Honore Leandre its just jealousy bro lmao
Real Madrid
Real Madrid Prije 19 dana
@Dragonball AG ofcourse because la liga was the only trophy we have won last season smh you dont get it do you poor puppy
Dragonball AG
Dragonball AG Prije 19 dana
Even Zidane said he valued the League more than the champions league
Mark Hadden
Mark Hadden Prije 19 dana
Ronaldo- GOAT there’s no discussion unless you’re an idiot 😂
Umesh Unde
Umesh Unde Prije 19 dana
Greatest team of all time looses every time in El classico with barca and won only 1 la liga in 3 years 💥💥
ruwiki Prije 19 dana
no way they can sneak into the final with this old team … I guess it will be Bayern, Liverpool or City this season.
ruwiki Prije 18 dana
@Infernocus why the 2014 team?
Infernocus Prije 19 dana
real madrid 2014 would kill today's bayern
ruwiki Prije 19 dana
@Aryan Tamrakar so you are comparing Bayern 2020 with Real 2020 which is half the team of 2016 and a quarter of 2014 … nice!
Aryan Tamrakar
Aryan Tamrakar Prije 19 dana
madrid demolished bayern 5-0 with this team and there were not many changes in that team and the current team they have right now besides davies and sane. madrid also beat liverpool in the finals and man city just can't win UCL so there you have it.
Lincoln Shrestha
Lincoln Shrestha Prije 19 dana
Barcelona fans crying for their episode
abdulrahman alali
abdulrahman alali Prije 19 dana
Hey Matt
DC 21
DC 21 Prije 19 dana
i see madrid hattrick , i put a thumbs up on the vid
Nyasha Zitsanza
Nyasha Zitsanza Prije 19 dana
This channel's innovation is 💯
Nishan Acharya
Nishan Acharya Prije 19 dana
This brings tears to my eyes.
99 Jys
99 Jys Prije 19 dana
when will the power rankings be back??
ishimwe sabin
ishimwe sabin Prije 19 dana
Ronaldo the greatest player of all-time! !???!!!!!
Hill Top Boyz
Hill Top Boyz Prije 19 dana
Finally, someone acknowledged the greatness of Real Madrid.. Zidane built a team who knows to suffer even up until now we still see that in this year
Hill Top Boyz
Hill Top Boyz Prije 19 dana
@J Simm Lol so you're saying that the leagues are more significant than the champion league.. your choice of words isn't the best but believe what you will we won the three and your opinion won't change that
J Simm
J Simm Prije 19 dana
@Hill Top Boyz I just said it two of those tiles were given .. and it was clear to see.. and no Real Madrid can never be the greatest team ever because they were not even dominant in their league
J Simm
J Simm Prije 19 dana
@Hill Top Boyz I’m a Bayern fan and i have no reason to feel hate for madrid they are not at the level of Bayern right now so
J Simm
J Simm Prije 19 dana
@Hill Top Boyz not a hater yow.. madrid deserved the first one .. i will give them that.. but the truth is just the truth watch the madrid Bayern second leg highlights from 2017-18 season
Hill Top Boyz
Hill Top Boyz Prije 19 dana
@J Simm So why didn't we lose then how comes we won 3 your just a hater👣
Vitel Petit frere
Vitel Petit frere Prije 19 dana
That team the legendary BBC with Ramos varane navas Marcelo and there is zidane the man to conquered Europe ❤️❤️❤️❤️ HALA MADRID
Purushothaman Prije 19 dana
2016/17 Madrid one of the best teams ever. Wish Zidane gave more importance to CDR
Luis Gomez
Luis Gomez Prije 10 dana
@Hassan Hassan not even close but they were still good
Purushothaman Prije 19 dana
@Hassan Hassan yeah good shout
Hassan Hassan
Hassan Hassan Prije 19 dana
16-17 is incredible but I think 13-14 was better
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